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August Astrology Forecast: 6 Retrograde Planets Invite Introspection

Mars The dozen days (August 7–18) during which Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will all be retrograde are the celestial “dog days” of summer. The retrograde motion of planets is an illusion caused by the moving Earth passing other planets in their orbits, a phenomenon relative to our location on planet Earth. The planets of our solar system themselves do not actually reverse their orbits and travel backwards: it just looks like it from our vantage point. Nevertheless, the energetic manifestation of any planetary retrograde reflects a sense of energetic impedance, feeling “stuck,” or difficulty going forward. Which is why these dozen days in August calls for vacation time, whether it’s a getaway or stay-cation. Mercury is retrograde in the fabulously sparkly, warm, dramatic Fixed Fire sign of Leo until August 18. Leo roars when outraged and purrs when pleased. Probable manifestations include the giving and receiving of unsolicited advice, the exchange of stubbornly entrenched opinions, utterly avoidable misunderstandings, and hurt feelings due to wounded pride. Remember: Offense is taken, not given!

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