(you Can Also Flush Them Down The Toilet If This Isnt An Option.) Take Some Time To Acknowledge Each Thing Youre Letting Go Of, Relishing In The Destruction And Release That Takes Place As You Burn It Away.

The Taurus new moon supermoon is here, so here’s how we’re celebrating! You can write them as I release statements or anything else that feels good. As you write one intention down, tear it off. Eventually, youll have a strip of paper with each thing you want เบอร์มงคล true แบบเติมเงิน to release on it. Find a space where you can burn these safely, using a fire-safe dish to help you. (You can also flush them down the toilet if this isnt an option.) Take some time to acknowledge each thing youre letting go of, relishing in the destruction and release that takes place as you burn it away. As it dissipates, imagine its hold on you dissipating as well. If this feels good, you can also perform the same ritual with what you want to manifest. Treat yourself. What better time to treat yourself than at the Taurus Supermoon?

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